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Lend your support by signing our petition asking the President of India to convene a special parliamentary session on the agrarian crisis, a session where victims of the crisis can address their representatives and their fellow citizens and explain what it has done to them and millions of other rural Indians. 

Share the Petition

We need your help to get the message heard and make this march a success. The urban population of India needs to come out in strong support of the farmers and farming organisations and here we have a few ideas about how you can drum up support.

  1. Share the petition with your friends, family, peers and colleagues on your personal social media pages. Share the petition at your school, college, or workplace. 
  2. If you are part of any groups on social media whether that be facebook/whatsapp etc. share the petition there as well and make an appeal to everyone to show their solidarity with our farmers by signing the petition.
  3. If you can, get in touch with media personalities asking them to show this important cause some attention. It could be your favourite youtuber/radio personality/news anchor/blogger or anyone you know and like.
  4. If you have an original idea on how you can get the message out there then do not hesitate! We need your help.

Mobilise your Representative

Ask your MP/MLA to demand the President of the country to convene a special parliamentary session on the agrarian crisis and related issues. You can send them an e-mail, if you want you can download our sample e-mail below. Find them on facebook or tweet at them demanding they take a stance on the farmer’s demands.

Educate your Peers

Unfortunately there exists a great deal of misinformation on the farmers’ conditions. Look at our Blog and Visual Content sections to familiarise yourself with their plight. Use this information to educate those around you.

Collect signatures asking the President to convene a session on the agrarian crisis. 

You could even organise a teach in about the Kisan Mukti March in your locality, city, town, or village. For this purpose we have created an Information Packet that can help.

Write to us if you need assistance, guidance, or if you want to share your experience. We can live stream your session on our social media page.

Have your Opinion Heard

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

If you are angered by the hardships and suffering that continues to plague our farmers, the backbone of our country, then speak up!

Have an opinion on this crisis that has beleaguered the most desperate members of our society and make it count. Start a conversation, whether within your own social circle or by using a social media platform, to call out those who perpetuate their misery. All those who can do something to alleviate their affliction continue to turn a blind eye. You can change that.

You can get in touch with the farmer association representatives in your area to make a direct impact. If you have something to say and you wish to partner with us in some fashion you can write to us. Whether you want to share an opinion or an article, a photoraph or a video, get in touch with us. Help us push this movement forward, help us make the change.


We have multiple positions open and opportunities available for you to volunteer depending on your skill set and personal interests/availability.

  • Translators in all regional languages
  • Handlers for Social Media
  • Content Curators for the Website
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • College Representatives
  • School Representatives
  • Poster Designers
  • Organisers
  • Team Leaders
  • Team members
  • and many more


Since this challenge is huge, we urge you to make a monetary contribution to supplement the efforts of the volunteers.

The funds that are generated will primarily be utilised for generating publicity materials including posters and banners, meeting part of the logistical costs of the cultural programme Ek Shyaam Kisan Ke Naam on 29th November, and for supplementing the minimum needs of the one lakh farmers while they are in Delhi on 29th and 30th November 2018. 

For full accountability, we will share details about the monies spent after the event. 


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Support the farmers of India as they march to Delhi to demand a special parliamentary session on the agrarian crisis.