Nation For Farmers is a diverse group of volunteers from various sectors and active in several states across India. It was formed to support and supplement the Kisan Mukti March, as well as to carry forward the work of the Dilli Chalo movement.

We, as volunteers for NFF, are making a determined attempt to reach out to all sections of people across India because the agrarian crisis ultimately affects everyone. Our attempt is to generate an understanding of the long historic processes especially of the past two decades that have precipitated the agrarian crisis. While registering the various signs of agricultural collapse –farmer suicides, deaths of children due to starvation, distress migration, growing unemployment, the mega water crisis, increased informalisation, indebtedness, devastation of the country’s cattle economy and overall precariousness. Our efforts have attempted to highlight the additional vulnerability of women, Dalits, Adivasi and other minority farmers and landless agricultural workers.

For this purpose, we have worked to organise teach-ins and public lectures across India, mobilise people and resources, co-ordinate with farming groups and communities in various states and even partake in door-to-door mobilisation.

Nation for Farmers is ultimately a group formed to show support to and stand in solidarity with the farmers of our great nation. We want to help them have their voices heard. We want to spread true information regarding the magnitude and multitude of the agrarian crisis. We want to bring together everyone who supports this just cause.


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